Shaila Mahmood

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hi I’m Shaila, I’m a graphic designer with a passion for social and political design, branding and editorial design. My work shows my style and how I have developed over the last three years at university. I want to provide a unique and dynamic design service in an ever changing and fast paced industry focusing on creating work for social change.

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Ignorance is Malignant


Skin cancer tends to be diagnosed at a later stage in people of colour, and as a result with a worse prognosis, thanks to not only a lack of awareness, but also a systemic problems and racial disparities in medicine. My campaign was focused on providing information to raise awareness on this issue and demanding a change.



The Book of 2020

Final major project

The year 2020 was full of world shifting events, from the deadly coronavirus pandemic to a global movement for racial justice.

Beginning with the raging Australian bush fires and riots around the world, 2020 started with the impeachment of President Trump, murmurs of World War 3 after a US drone hit and killed the Iranian major general, tensions around the world rose as George Floyd was killed by police sparking the global movement for racial justice.

The Coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide, took so many lives and put the world on lockdown. And this book tells the story of 2020 with environmental, political and news events as a reminder of this year that will go down in history.



Design in Politics- The Manipulation of the Masses

Dissertation design

Graphic design might not save the world, but it can impact people who have the power to take steps to ensure positive change. It can influence many in voting, campaign policies and bring about exciting changes to governments and systems.