Samanta Jauce

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hi, I’m Sam! I’m a Rugby-based designer that has a keen eye for detail. I particularly enjoy editorial design, branding, and anything that makes people wow: the bigger, the bolder, the better! My work balances edginess and simplicity with the passion of delivering impactful designs that will help others thrive.

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Legend, Myth, or Truth?

Final Major Project

“Legend, Myth, or Truth”? is an engaging travel book full of medieval stories that have been captured through abstract imagery. It engages the reader in a captivating way by slowly unravelling the stories that contain additional evidence. Truly, it’s a mystery to be solved. The book is created to appeal to an audience who love to travel, seek out education and answers. The additional colours and patterns inform the reader of what each castle is best known for and works as an atmosphere creator.



The Uninhabitable Earth

Penguin student design award 2021

The design concept aimed to communicate the themes of the book in a surrealistic way through photo manipulation. To emphasise what could happen to the world if we did nothing about it, I created my version of a dystopian world to portray the ‘dying oceans, unbreathable air, drought, floods, and heatwaves discussed in the book.

The design is produced to be interactive by the rotation of text that is purposely unreadable the right way around.



Grey Poupon


To reintroduce Grey Poupon to millennials, a brand refresh needed to articulate its enduring luxury in the present day through its French and vintage roots. In addition, to make the brand feel synonymous with a high-end elevated sandwich, the concept was to portray Grey Poupon through the notion of ‘craft.’ Visually stacking, building, and emphasizing the product as the main ingredient missing, I created my whole campaign on the language of craft that the product will then be associated with.



My Type Of Place


To produce a site-specific typographic intervention that positively communicates the virtues of my chosen place, I focused on the quote, “Rugby has a rich cultural heritage covering sport, politics, literature, engineering, and the arts.” The concept aimed to transform the empty train station by celebrating Rugby’s famous names to connect the viewer to the town’s history and guide them to the monuments celebrating the five chosen themes. Working in both directions to capture the people entering and leaving the train station, with an additional QR code takes you to the Rugby town website for more information.