Ruby Havelaar

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hi, I’m Ruby. I’m a Dutch Graphic designer aiming to raise awareness of mental health. I am passionate about illustrating and UI design. I want my designs to create conversations about social issues, mental health and wish to inform more people about these topics through influential design. I enjoyed my learning experience at the University of Northampton and gained a lot.

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What If

Final Major Project

Many people suffer from anxiety disorders and OCD. I created an app where people who have these disorders, or know someone who has them, can talk to each other. The app contains many ways for a person to express themselves and find others who share their struggles.



The future is ours to see


This editorial design was created in response to the editorial “The future is ours to see”. It talks about the effect child abuse can have on a person’s future when it comes to drug addiction. My design is powerful and makes use of shock value, which is a commonly used tactic to attract attention to a serious topic.



The Uninhabitable Earth

Penguin student design award 2021

For the Penguin design award I created a design for the adult non-fiction book “The Uninhabitable Earth”. I created a mysterious look for the cover by using only 1 color and a dark, underwater concept. On the front of the cover the writer and title are clear and the fish in the center makes the front cover come together.


Front, back and spine design for the book The Uninhabitable Earth.