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Rebecca Dainty

Photography BA (Hons)

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Viewer discretion advised. The work on display on this profile contains: possible depictions of eating disorders within the gallery.

As a female contemporary artist, Rebecca Dainty’s work is rooted in the female experience. Using her own body as a tool of expression, she explores the use of the female form within art and advertising imagery.

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Man Made, a history of Pigeonholing Women

Final major project

“Man Made” is a conceptual body of work that considers how Art and Advertising have both created and perpetuated gender stereotypes surrounding women’s appearance and expected behaviours. The work shown is a response to the reductive act of pigeonholing based on preconceived notions of femininity. Shining a light on specific adverts from contemporary history that portray inherent sexist views towards women, highlighting how such notions have not been eradicated but rather changed form over time. Through the medium of conceptual self-portraiture and visual metaphor the images allude to the physical and emotional restrictions impinged upon women who are forced to conform to social expectations that are propelled by the media.