Paige Beasley

Illustration BA (Hons)

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I am a set and character designer, using the media of sculpture and photography. I enjoy creating fantasy horror-based sets and characters. Horror gains reactions from the audience such as shock, but then also gains mixed emotion; some may find the beauty in the piece, others may see the gruesome or darkness.

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Broken Machine

Major Final Project

This is my interpretation of ‘Broken Machine’ by Nothing But Thieves, which features a monster lurking in a shed, abandoned and half-finished. I wanted to give a sense of fear to my audience, but to also make them feel sorry for the creature.


Photoshoot for Sampyl

Set production promoting Sampyl’s t-shirts

This originally was a shop window display I designed for Sampyl that was then reused as a photoshoot to promote the T-shirts. The theme was the moon and to have this warm, psychedelic but elegant style.



Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats

Major Final Project

This is a music video and photoshoot for my University degree of Ghost Ship Of Cannibal Rats by Billy Talent, which are my own thoughts and feelings towards the song, and using my imagination as to what it would look like as a music video. The rats have risen from the depths of the earth, and are here to kill us humans for ruining our planet, through the use of pollution. Their plan is to destroy us and claim the world for their own.



The Invention of Morel

Book content illustration

This is my interpretation of the book ‘The Invention Of Morel’. A fugitive appears on an unknown island after escaping prison. He notices people on this island having fun in abandoned areas, such as a dirty old pond on a cold day. All of the people are also from different eras which appears strange to him. He then meets a woman and falls in love, but realises she cannot hear nor see him. Finally, he finds out at the meal they are actually all ghosts repeating the same day over and over through the invention.