Milton Bvururu

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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My name is Milton, and I’d like to introduce myself. I am a positive person who is always eager to learn. My graphic design interests include advertising campaigns, branding, logo design, editorial design, and music artwork. Challenges such as DA&D, YCN, and Penguin Student Awards briefs gave me the opportunity to develop a range of skills while pursuing my degree. However, I intend to extend my knowledge because in life there is always “one more thing to learn.”

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Editorial Design

Visual Journalism

Eye magazine had a mission to bring an 18 year old magazine to a new audience in 2020; rule-breaking editorial design, heavily influenced by David Carson. The magazine consists of overlaying text, emphasized words and crowded text making it difficult to read but still legible. AR was used to bring the design to life.





My approach was to create a narrative with strong typography that had an immediate influence on the viewer, causing them to think, feel, and act. I also wanted parents and those unaffected by knife crime but are aware of it to benefit. The conversational method puts you in the shoes of the young people and moms, demonstrating the various consequences knife crime has on different people.



Penguin Books

Talking Turkey

Penguin needed a new cover design that had a strong use of typography, was innovative, and encouraged children aged 8 to 12 to pick it up. My version of this book design is a mash-up of Benjamin Zephaniah’s poetry, such as Talking Turkey, which deals with animal rights, which is what the animal holding the protesting cards is protesting for. It also encourages us humans to be friends with animals rather than consuming them, as shown by the fact that the legs of animals and people are similar to one other.



Final Major Project

Hip Hop save my life – Volume 1

Music continues to be one of the most recognizable and influential elements of society to this day. For thousands of years, music has brought people together and evoked emotions and feelings. It can bring you back to a certain place in time and transport you to a memory that feels so real you swear you are experiencing it for the first time. No matter where you go in the world, people connect and interact with music, no language needed. I wanted to celebrate hip hop culture, as well as educate the target audience about the negative and the positive influences rap music has on society through using raw edited images, colour and experimental typography for Editorial design.