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Megan Lawler

Having studied Fashion Promotion & Communication, Megan Lawler is the founder of Megan Rose Studio – a multi-disciplinary design studio.

“I’m a Northampton girl and have always had a passion for creating promotional material, as my creative journey started back in high school when I studied graphic design. The fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries are something I have good knowledge in, and I love producing emotive, memorable content for brand projects. I love the process of creating fun design concepts, particularly in the fields of photography, branding, illustration and digital styling.”

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The Inner Me

Major Final Project – Journalism

The Inner Me is an online feminist publication which aims to inspire, educate and support women. It’s an inclusive platform to discuss and share women’s issues, and to help women with the relationship with themselves through our values of embracing self-love, acceptance, belief and growth. We aim to break down beauty standards, challenge stereotypes, and amplify voices. Empowering women is at the heart of The Inner Me; it’s about being unapologetically you and finding your inner self – your ‘Inner Me’.



Victoria’s Secret X Be Real Campaign

Major Final Project – Digital Styling / illustration and web design

A successful way to implement body positivity, inclusivity and diversity into Victoria’s Secret is by collaborating with the Be Real Campaign; a campaign which is determined to change attitudes towards body image and help young adults be confident in their bodies. It will be showcased as an online launch, with a new underwear line named ‘Be Real.’




Megan Rose Studio

Self branding for professional portfolio website

Megan Rose Studio is a space to generate and showcase my passion for creative directing, particularly in the areas of photography, branding, digital styling and illustration. I specialise in promotional material for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry and have produced memorable, high-quality content for numerous brands.