Lucy Newsham

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hi, I’m Lucy Newsham. My interests include making video content, motion graphic animation, and advertising. Throughout my time at university, I’ve enjoyed working on projects that involve brands such as YULA Energy and Duolingo. I’m very much an ideas-person, and I like to think of lots of possible ways for an audience to engage with a brand.

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D&AD New Blood Brief

Duolingo wanted 16–22 year-olds to get into the habit of learning a language through their app, with a campaign launching at the start of the school year. I created a three-part campaign: ‘Level It Up’, an awareness campaign, and ‘Battle of the Learners’ a competitive campaign, which has teasers and promotion. My campaign involves outputs across bus stops (where the target audience may be), and on social media.




Celebrating 35 Years of The Legend of Zelda

Final Major Project

2021 marks 35 years of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise. I wanted to create a celebration of the anniversary by creating a collector’s edition package, which includes items such as three posterzines, and a folder to store them in, based on the currency seen in the games. I also created a promotional trailer for YouTube. I wanted to think about what invokes nostalgia, as well as making the anniversary something to remember for years to come.



Talking Turkeys

Penguin Random House Student Design Award Brief

Talking Turkeys’ is a poetry book for older children by Benjamin Zephaniah. A lot of the poems are inspired by Jamaican and Rastafarian culture, which I wanted to be a large focus of my book shown by the colour palette. My book cover has an urban feel (relating to the way the poems are written), and images of hands replicating symbols of ‘peace’ and ‘togetherness’.

The front cover, spine, and back cover of Talking Turkeys book cover design