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Lauren Avery

Graphic Communication BA (Hons)

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I’m Lauren, a Leamington Spa-based, eager graphic designer with a passion for learning new software and tools to be creative with. My significant interests within design include editorial, layout, branding and packaging for food and beverage. I strive to create and deliver fresh, effective visual solutions that offer meaningful problem solving to a high standard.

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Editorial Beyond the Page

Freedom in the graphic galaxy

I approached the redesign of 2001 eye magazine article Freedom in the Graphic Galaxy by interpreting its themes of opposing design styles: minimalism and maximalism, and have interpreted AR as today’s software advancement. The redesign has brought the article to life by fusing the 2 styles together – having a minimalistic editorial spread that has maximalist interaction through AR, allowing for the digital platform to become an experimental space.




Final Major Project

Arcane is a bi-monthly pack serialised by genre that aims to diversify modern alternative and indie rock by working in collaboration with Spotify, providing a platform to bands and artists that may not be as easily discoverable due to race, sex, gender, and/or sexuality. Arcane builds an edgy, exclusive, club-like community that empowers and inspires the audience.



Penguin Book Cover

The Uninhabitable Earth

The disregarded danger of climate change is a theme that makes the book an urgent warning to humanity of our future, and a call to action. By emulating the cover as a real-life warning sign and using realistic textures and imagery, a sense of realism is conveyed and demands attention with its bright warning colours. Warning signs often use iconography to visually inform, and I used this idea to communicate negative consequences of climate change.




Grey poupon

I approached the Grey Poupon brand refresh by creating limited edition packaging that visually expresses the taste, smell and texture of Dijon through a familiar identity. By having 3 editions that are representative of the senses. The product has a certain novelty, making it feel more special as a small luxury and making it the choice at purchase with the help of a social media campaign that advertises the limited run of the product.