Krisztian Kotai

Illustration BA (Hons)

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I am a digital illustrator based in Northampton. I use my vivid imagination to create unexpected project outcomes. I love to make in the subject where I can evoke unpleasant feelings in the viewer, as well as reflect on my individuality, and finish my artworks with a strange, unusual atmosphere.

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The Secret History of Thought

BBC Podcast

This project was based on real-life examples of how thought can affect the everyday life of people. The following artworks and Gif made to illustrate the podcast content.

Dark Thoughts illustration of BBC podcast



The Invention of Morel

Book content illustration

The following project was based on “The Invention of Morel” book. The illustrations are representing the beginning, the middle and the final part of the story.



The Dead of the Night

Major Final Project

This self-directed project was a research-based assignment. To complete this project, I had to work in sync with the dissertation work. My chosen subject was the superhero representation in comic books. However, the comic itself is about overcoming the fear from the dark; the comic still contains indirect superhero reference.