Kim Yusufu

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hi, I’m Kim, an aspiring social impact graphic designer based in Banbury. I would consider myself a rounded designer who takes interest in a wide range of briefs and graphic practices. I have a particular interest in social impact design, especially issues concerning human rights and international development. I’m very keen to learn and grow as a designer and delve into areas of design that I have never done before.

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Open The Doors Campaign

Major Final Project

The campaign ‘Open The doors To Their Future’ was informed by in-depth research about the issues facing the UK education system. One of the issues that was most apparent was the inequality that exists in the system and how it affects students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This campaign aims to raise awareness for the barriers that students from disadvantaged backgrounds face. Research showed that one of the largest issues facing students from these backgrounds is a lack of knowledge of career options and not being able to turn their aspiration into reality. Thus the call to action is to encourage professionals to sign up to a mentoring program to help students make better career plans. the campaign also has two sub-campaigns for different age groups.




Editorial Beyond The Page

Look Away

A re-design of the 2002 Eye magazine article about Seymour Chwast’s collage collection named The South. The collages show a juxtaposition of the romanticised images of south with martyrs of the civil rights movement. The layout, colours and typography are heavily inspired by 60s designs with elements of contemporary designs. The aim was to play on the concept of juxtaposition and create a pretty layout for the normal layer and show a darker side with AR layer. The AR layer consists of modern version of the collages that Seymour Chwast created.



Penguin Books

The Uninhabitable Earth

The Uninhabitable Earth written by David Wallace-Wells, talks about the environmental issues that we are facing and are going face if the world carries on as it is. The concept for the book aims to illustrate how extreme weather conditions will be seen through phone notifications. The glitches and overlay notifications signify and overload showing that it spiralling out of control.