Katie Bell

Illustration BA (Hons)

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I’m Katie Bell, a Digital artist and Graphic designer, based in the North West. I am passionate about social change, current affairs and addressing taboos. I aim to strive for equality and inclusivity within my work, and I incorporate interactive design and moving image into my practice.

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When We Stayed Home

Final major Project

The Coronavirus Pandemic began in late 2019, and has continued to impact all of our lives. This project explores the positives that have occoured throughout this difficult time, from an improved climate, personal growth and helping those around us. My aim for this project is to showcase everything that we have achieved within the past year, and highlight the positives of Covid-19.



Your 5 Changes, Their Future

RSA Animation

An Animation for the RSA moving image competition, based on Roman Krznaric and ‘How to be a good ancestor’. My aim for this project was to highlight the small changes that everyone can make, which will have huge positives impacts on our climate.

Still images from animation of three people at a birthday party. Colours are greens and purples, with bunting, a cake and confetting surrounding them.



Pause The Taboo

D&AD Pause The Taboo Animation

Collaborative animation with Laura Mckenzie for D&AD New blood awards. The aim of the animation is to dismiss the stigma surrounding the menopause through creating an online event and postcard chain. Our campaign idea encourages people to talk about the menopause and create a community of like minded individuals.

Postcard Illustration based on the side effect of irregular periods. Woman on her back, with legs up and red circles to represent the period cycle.