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Joe Westley

Photography BA (Hons)

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Joe Westley is a photographer born in Northampton, England, where he is still based today. Westley will graduate with a BA Photography from the University of Northampron in 2021, where he developed a music photography practise that was the subject of a presentation he delivered at the No Jobs In the Arts Fringe Festival . His work is presented as self published zines and (WastelaNNd, Angels & Ghosts) and exhibitions (Northampton Hope Centre). Westley also produces and hosts the podcast RoundTowNN where he interviews other creatives in the Northampton area.

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Angels and Ghosts

Final major project

My most recent body of work is made up of photographs taken during the No Jobs in the Arts Fringe Festival an exclusively online event which meant I was photographing faces and arms on a screen. I found that the use of video calls for the event made people put an emphasis on gestural movements which is why my series, Angels and Ghosts, is made up entirely of hands, closeup and distorted, by the quirks and artefacts caused by the medium of video calls.