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Jodie Vye

Photography BA (Hons)

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Jodie Vye is a photographer who is based in Market Harborough and a soon to be University of Northampton graduate. Photography has always been a part of her life and she has carried a point and shoot camera with her everywhere. She found her passion when she trained to be a chef. As a career as a chef is not possible due to medical reasons, Vye has united her two passions and uses her chef skills to elevate food as the main subject of her photography.

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The Relationship Between People and Food

Final major project

The project “The Relationship Between People and Food” explores how eating disorders can go unnoticed and hidden from plain sight. Using the standards of professional food photograhy as a tool to entice the viewer to unreastic food, I insert a word that a victim of eating disorders may think when they see the image. The discovery of the word prompts a reaction in the viewer that is similar to the triggering emotions felt when an victim of an eating disorder sees attractive food.