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Jessica San

Graphic Communication BA (Hons)

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Hi, I’m Jess! A recent graduate multidisciplinary graphic designer from the University of Northampton. I’m always up for a challenge. Throughout my degree, I’ve become a committed designer. I have excellent problem-solving skills from working on complicated briefs such as YCN and D&AD. I can adapt to different areas of design including visual identity, marketing & advertising, editorial you name it! I excel in both solo and group tasks having the ability to initiate ideas independently while thriving in a group work setting. I am optimistic about my creative future.

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Visual Style Guide


VIVID is an online platform providing students, graduates and creative individuals to be inspired and showcase their talent from the University of Northampton. The content includes a website, on demand TV channel, visual style guide and assets.



Editorial Beyond the Page

Day-glo Mind Blow
A reimagined article from the early 2000s into today’s time utilising augmented reality.



D&AD – Disney

Dreams Come True
An advertising campaign to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Disney. The concept includes that dreams come true following a young audience wanting to be like their idol when they grow up.