Grace Downing

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hey, I’m Grace! A twenty-one-year-old, fashion-loving, graphic designer based in Coventry. I have a keen interest in branding, editorial design, digital and social media design and marketing with an eye for detail. My favourite projects during my degree have to be anything branding. I enjoyed creating my freelance guide in year two and especially loved designing the branding and concept for my FMP this year, highlighting an issue close to my heart.

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Mind The Gap

Major Final Project

Mind The Gap is a platform aimed at connecting and educating future female designers. From final year students and graduates to industry professionals, the platform intends to help designers network, find inspiration, introduce contemporary designers, as well as giving designers tips on what they can do when entering the design industry all in an overall attempt to bridge the gender pay gap. As a female entering the design industry, I often had my concerns. With nowhere to voice these concerns, I saw a gap in the market; this is where the idea of Mind The Gap emerged.


Where can languages take you?


In collaboration with Ffyona Spreyer, we created a campaign for Duolingo. ‘Where Can Languages Take You?’ introduces 16-22 year-olds to Duolingo whilst furthermore making languages fun. We focused the theme on travel and school by creating posters, digital animation signage, a social media and Twitter campaign and competition held at school exhibitions, to get the target audience involved.


Talking Turkeys

Penguin Books

This brief tasked us to create a book cover for Penguin Books. I chose to design for the children’s cover award; Talking Turkeys. This cover is based around one of the themes of the poems included in the book – the environment and focuses in particular on how global warming is affecting the oceans. I wanted to make the cover quite playful to connect to the target audience, using simple illustrations of coral and bubbles.