Georgia Hicks

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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I’m Georgia Hicks and my interests within design are branding, app design and especially campaigns as I believe it’s important as designers to raise awareness of global issues to make positive changes worldwide which I demonstrated through my final major project on climate change. I’ve developed a wide range of skills in several briefs such as advertising for D&AD, editorial for Penguin and diverse software skills. I have also gained experience outside of university through my job of visual merchandising and freelancing.

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One Step

Major Final Project

The aim of One Step is to alert families about the threat of climate change and educate them on the small to big ways they can help reduce their carbon footprint and why those contributions will support the world for the future generations with a new bite-sized campaign, featured on an app and website. This will be different from existing climate campaigns as it will allow people to make their contribution in a relaxed way.


The Uninhabitable Earth Book Cover

Penguin Student Design Award

For my cover design concept, I have focused on the link between the end of the non-renewable resources and the end of humanity, demonstrated through the visual imagery of a painted broken infinity symbol to create a simple but effective design to portray the themes within this book, specifically the disastrous impacts on people due to climate change.

Penguin Book Cover Design for the non-fiction book The Uninhabitable Earth


Duolingo Advertising Campaign

New Blood Awards

Duolingo is an educational language app which required an advertising campaign to persuade young people to make learning a language part of their daily habits. I created a campaign that had multiple outcomes such as G-marketing, poster designs, social media marketing and app extras such as a multiplayer version of the Duolingo game-style method. My concepts focus is on habits and everyday objects that young people encounter to attract their attention to the language app.


Editorial Beyond the Page

Envisaging Soundscapes, Eye Magazine 2001

I re-designed a 2001 Eye Magazine article called Envisaging Soundscapes which was about classical music album covers and the different ways that they were designed. I designed the printed pages to show the relevance that the article had and then I designed an AR layer to show the relevance of the article today which involved a music streaming interface to demonstrate that albums aren’t relied on within music as much anymore.