Ffyona Spreyer

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Ffyona Spreyer is a graphic designer specialising in branding, marketing and advertising. She has enjoyed creating work across different mediums, but especially in digital branding and advertisement. She hopes to design within motorsports as a future career.

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Women of Motorsport

Final Major Project

This project shows spreads from my luxury, coffee-table book celebrating the women of motorsport. The motorsport industry is heavily male-dominated, and I chose to highlight women who have paved the way for females who are currently in the sport.



Where can languages take you?


This project was completed in collaboration with Grace Downing. Our aim was to introduce 16-22 year-olds to Duolingo, all whilst making languages fun. We decided to focus our campaign on school and travel, with the motto, where can languages take you? In addition to posters and social media, a live exhibition stand was designed in order to hold a competition for schools to go head-to-head when learning languages.



Cultural Chameleon

Editorial Beyond the Page

This brief allowed for one article, from the early 2000’s Eye magazines, to be selected and redesigned/reimagined 20 years later. I selected Cultural Chameleon as it talked about a Belgium company called Shift! who didn’t follow the norms of publication, in which they sent out designs of all mediums – from puzzles, calendars, even to tote bags and fish hooks. It challenged the norm of publishing, in which I felt I could challenge the way text is laid out on a page and presented.



The Uninhabitable Earth

Penguin Books

My response to the Adult Non-Fiction brief for Penguin, focuses on the darkness of the future if action isn’t taken. The Earth is warming up, and my design reflects this by indicating the Earth is suffocating and the gas mask is helping the world to breathe. I wanted to use strong and shocking imagery to match the theme of the book.

The Uninhabitable Earth - the Earth is struggling to breathe and requires a gas mask.