Essa Samateh

Illustration BA (Hons)

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I am an artist / illustrator based in Northampton. My illustrations are often a fresh and relatable presentation of social and psychological content on important issues that we see and feel everyday but are too busy to give a thought to. As an artist, I enjoy presenting these facts to society occasionally in a thought provoking manner. My inspiration comes from my environment and the people around me.

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Major Final Project

This comic book was my final major project aiming at discouraging older children from committing knife crime. Using an emphatic approach, this book seeks to highlight the pains and trauma a mother would go through after losing a child in knife crime. Inspired by a real life story, my story highlights the life of a young African boy who was brought to England by an uncle for a better life leaving his mother behind, and the challenges he went through before his tragic death.



The Invention of Morel

Narrative Brief

A book cover design inspired by Adolfo Bioy Casares’s novel (The Invention of Morel) originally published in 1940. This image was inspired by the French version of its film I watched. I was more attracted to the story due to great scenery in the movie especially the vegetation and the buildings with their aesthetic Doric columns.



Talking Turkeys

Competition Brief

A book cover design as part of my response to the Penguin brief. I choose the “Talking Turkeys” by Benjamin Zephaniah with the intention of designing a book cover for his collection of poems. I was inspired by the themes of his poems covering a range of societal issues from racism, love, animal rights among other things.

Illustration of Talking Turkeys book cover



The Making of a Star

Editorial Brief

This illustration was part of an editorial piece inspired by the article ‘The Making of a Star’. My slant on the article was to highlight the pressure celebrities feel in the limelight. My artistic approach was to create an image depicting a celebrity in a depressed mood and appearing totally fed-up being in the public eye, resulting in her constantly hiding behind her hair as a disguise to conceal her identity from the general public.

Illustration for The Making of a Star which shows a woman hiding behind her hair