Ernesta Kurpeikyte

Illustration BA (Hons)

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I am Ernesta Kurpeikyte, a Lithuanian illustrator graduating from University of Northampton. With my work, I like to explore portraiture and character design, creating atmospheric and mystical work that evokes a variety of emotions through the usage of colour and light. I also enjoy incorporating traditional media simulating textures into my work as well as expressing the notion of aesthetic beauty.

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Why Cosmism?

Editorial illustration on the article ‘Why Cosmism?’

An image of a full illustration for an article ‘Why Cosmism?’ highlighting the main premise of the whole article about our people views on outer space including our curiosity and need to explore it.



‘The Invention of Morel’ book illustrations by Folio Society brief

The interior illustrations for ‘The invention of Morel’ by Adolf Bioy Casares

Interior illustrations for the book ‘The Invention of Morel’ made by Folio Society competition brief requirements to illustrate different chapters of the book.


‘Noughts and Crosses’

Editorial illustration for an article for ‘Bookish_Mag’

An illustration for ‘Bookish Mag’ for their article about Malorie Blackman’s book series ‘Noughts and Crosses’ and its cultural impact.

An illustration showing two main characters, man and a women, facing and gazing at each other while bearing the markings of their social class from the book using variety of cold tone colours.




Final Major Project

A series of illustrations showing parts of a working woman’s day as she is being followed by idealised depictions of beauty throughout her day, evoking and depicting the feeling of loneliness that can be felt by some while living in such society and not adhering to its beauty standards.