Emalee Wickham

Illustration BA (Hons)

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Hello, I’m Emalee Wickham, a Northampton based Illustrator and Pattern Designer. I create detailed depictions of plants, flowers and natural forms, transforming these illustrations into floral patterns. I work with a combination of traditional and digital methods. I take inspiration from nature, the Arts and Crafts movement and Art Nouveau.

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Bringing Nature Indoors

Major Final Project

For this project, I wanted to create floral patterns that could potentially be used for wallpaper and soft furnishings. Patterns that could be used as a decorative way for people to bring nature indoors, taking inspiration from author and pattern designer Bowie Style, who suggests the importance of bringing nature indoors through design. The patterns throughout this project were inspired by Williams Wordsworth poem ‘A Flower Garden. At Coleorton Hall, Leicestershire.’



The Faraway

D&AD x Audible Competition

For this project, I had the opportunity to depict an illustration for an audiobook cover. The made-up audiobook was titled ‘The Faraway’ within the description provided you get the sense that the main character Daniel is bored of everyday life and is ready to embark on an adventure to unknown places with a stranger that they had only just meet.

Illustration of an Audible book cover for The Faraway



Book(ish) Magazine Illustration


I had the opportunity to create an illustration for a new book, entertainment and lifestyle magazine that was created by MA students at the University of London. I had complete creative freedom to depict an image related to the experience of reading.

Book(ish) illustration of stacked books with two plants on top



The Invention of Morel

Narrative Project

For this project, I created three illustrations that were inspired by different events within the novel ‘The Invention of Morel’ by Adolfo Bioy Casares. I took inspiration from the 1920’s when the book was set and from the rich colour palette and intricate style of Art Nouveau. I decided to focus on depicting the setting of the book because the descriptions of nature and abandoned environments were the most intriguing.