Dorrina Efah

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hi, I’m Dorrina, a designer who dabbles in illustration located in London. I love designing projects that tell a story or send a message. My areas of interests are in social campaigns, editorial, and publishing and I am currently nominated for the Penguin Student Design Award 2021. I have some experience in moving image and motion graphics and I am keen to hone my knowledge and skills in this area.

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The Notorious A.R.T

Final Major Project

True crime is popular and art napping is the fourth largest black market in the world, yet news about art heists barely last in the headlines. I have created a coffee table book which re-tells some of the most audacious art heists in history; not only through text and archive, but also with original comic scenes in an aim to invite new audiences to the art world through a format that will engage them.



Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee

Penguin Student Design Award

My concept for this book represents the culture clash that the characters experience trying to find middle ground and identity between the norms of both their Asian and British communities. Clothes are known to express identity, by creating type from both western and traditional South Asian fabrics, my cover aims to become approachable for audiences of any diaspora / background.



Brick By Brick

My Type of Place

My concept for this brief was to create various touch points along the route of the Notting hill carnival that provides snap shots of information about the Windrush generation, their history and involvement in the infamous Notting Hill Carnival that we all know today. I also wanted to show appreciation to this generation for how much they helped Britain after the war.



Designer’s Creed


With my dissertation being on the topic of Muslim women in Graphic Design, my designed dissertation reflects the subject matter and is takes influence from Islamic/Arabic caligraphy and art.



The Myth of Genius

Editorial Beyond The Page

For this project I have designed editorial and AR for the article ‘The Myth of Genius’ from Eye Magazine. The main concept for this design comes from the idea that geniuses typically do not follow convention. I wanted to produce an AR that rejects the use of grids and columns contrary to the original design. The chalkboard concept is inspired by Tomato’s interactive installation at Un Movil en la Patera, EACC in Spain. Like their chalkboard installation new designs and ideas were drawn on top of original work.