Deimante Judickaite

Illustration BA (Hons)

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My name is Deimante Judickaite and I am an illustrator that likes to dabble in graphic design and animation. I love making atmospheric yet fun work, especially characters and creating short GIFs. I am mostly working digitally, but I enjoy working with watercolour and pens as well.



Invention Of Morel

Illustrations for the book The Invention of Morel

A set of 3 illustrations for novel “The Invention of Morel” by Adolfo Bioy Casares. These images were created to illustrate the idea of two realities overlaying each other, but not perfectly, creating a dream-like world with many inconsistencies, as well as doubt for the main character.


“Life is not all haha hehe” Book Cover

a Penguin book cover competition entry

A book cover competition entry for Penguin’s Adult Fiction category. The book talks about three friends and the relationships both among themselves and with their partners and tackles such things as arranged marriages, cheating, abusive relationships and depression while using humour as a defence mechanism.


Why Cosmism?

An illustrative GIF for an article about Cosmism

“Why Cosmism?” talked about astronomers and human fascination with space, as well as tackled philosophy about extra-terrestrial life and human achievements. The language used in the article was rather dry and hard to digest, therefore I wanted to go with simple and fun illustration that could hold attention of readers for a longer time.


Christmas Mash

An illustrative GIF for Northampton Filmhouse

Every year Northampton Filmhouse plays festive movies to get their viewers into the holiday spirit. This year they decided to ask students for help, creating a GIF that would include two different Christmas films shown during the event. The objective was to both subvert expectations and to illustrate it in a light-hearted and fun manner.

A Game Of Minds

Illustration for Bookish magazine

The illustration was created for Bookish magazine’s article “Is Setting a Goal Detrimental to Your Reading Experience?”. This would have been formatted as a debate piece, therefore I wanted to show a battle of minds. The goal was to make the characters look like opposites, while keeping the sense of a calm conversation.

Two women playing chess.