Chris Georgiou

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hey, I’m Chris, I’m 22 years old and I am based in Cyprus. I’ve studied various areas of graphic design during my course and my key interest is branding and social media design. My key skills are communication, creativity and time management and my work delivers impactful, contemporary and unique designs that communicate and influence.

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Anemos E-Formula Championship

Final Major Project

This project, is the creation of a brand book on the establishment for a fully electric racing competition using wind technology. This formula used 100% renewable energy that comes from wind. It shows how the future of racing is becoming electric and the benefits it has to the environment. Overall, it brings an awareness to climate change through the championship.



The Uninhabitable Earth book cover

Penguin Student Design Award

The concept of the design aimed to show what the book talks about and it was the danger of humanity’s extinction. The reason I made it look illustrated is because I wanted to emphasise this danger by creating my own design instead of a random picture. Because of this, I made the scenery dry and empty with a damaged sign in the centre of the book as well as a human skull resting on the sign to create a metaphor of “welcome to this damaged world”.




Editorial Beyond the Page


Using Augmented Reality technology to bring a design manifesto to life. The double-page spread that showcases the “Why Helvetica?” Manifesto first published in Eye no.40 vol. 10 2001. The AR layer has been created to bring the manifesto to life. The AR layer shows how creative, interesting and entertaining a title in a manifesto can become using technology.