Charlotte Rudge

Illustration BA (Hons)

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Viewer discretion advised. The work on display on this profile contains: depictions of violence and horror.

I am a freelance Illustrator/Artist based in Birmingham, my work is known for being expressive with my use of exaggerated lines, colours and shadows. I specialise in portraits but I have recently started to explore work which focuses in storytelling and comic making.

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Major Final Project

In recent events everyone had to isolate and be away from friends and family, this project led me to use the themes of isolation and loneliness in conjunction with an already existing story. It revolves around the character Renfield, known from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, giving insight to his own origin story and providing a window to how we deal with loneliness.



The Invention of Morel

Narrative Project

In this project, I expanded the story of “The Invention of Morel.” It follows a fugitive hiding on an island. The reason for my comic is to give a reason for why this person become a fugitive in the first place as well to explore the emotions they would be feeling.



D&AD New Blood Design Awards

GiffGaff Animation

From the D&AD New Blood Design Awards, I chose to design a 20 second TV advert to attract current and new GiffGaff members for a new scheme that’s helps to recycle old phones for cash. I used this project to develop my animation, character design skills and colour scheme.




Northampton Filmhouse

Northampton Filmhouse Project

In this brief, the Northampton Filmhouse wanted us to combine two well known Christmas films into a new exciting image. I chose the films “Die Hard” and “The Muppet Christmas Carol” as these were films you don’t usually see together and makes an interesting image.

Characters from Die Hard and Muppet Christmas Carol with the Northampton Filmhouse logo