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Britta Burgstaller

Photography BA (Hons)

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Britta Burgstaller is a German-British photographer based in Warwickshire, UK, who will relocate to Shenzhen, China, later in 2021. Her work is characterised by a keen enquiry into the life around her subject matter and people she works with, often focusing on communities that are less visible within our society.

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The Birds Still Sing

Final major project

The Birds Still Sing (2021) is a series of landscape photographs created through conscious immersion in the outdoors to combat isolation. That same feeling is found in the subject as a solo swan or the impermeable surface of icy water reflect back a sense of loss. Taken along the canals in Warwickshire and Northamptonshire over six months, the project emerged from research into medical and art historical perspectives on the benefits of nature in stress mitigation and mental health. They flow from darkness to light, an incremental recuperation, indicating that no matter how bad things are, there is hope for the future.