Briana Murray

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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I’m Briana, an enthusiastic graphic designer and illustrator based in London and of Caribbean descent. As a designer, I have explored a range of areas and have a particular passion for branding, marketing and editorial, especially within the food and beverage industry. Throughout my degree I have worked on numerous briefs which have allowed me to develop my digital and soft skills. I enjoy creative challenges which give me room to experiment with ideas. Outside of university I have carried out freelance work, gaining experience in working on real world projects. On each given brief I use the design process to build trust with my audience, from concepts to visual explorations and final execution, paying attention to detail to fulfil a brief. For the future I aim to create designs that strive to make change, connect with audiences and make my mark.

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Grey Poupon

D&AD New blood

The creative challenge was to give Grey Poupon’s brand identity a refresh, which showcases its enduring luxury in the present day, in order to appeal to affluent millennials in the USA, but without changing the bottle shape or current logo. This brand refresh focuses on the celebration of the senses, its aim was to connect the target audience with the taste and texture of the French mustard, this has been carried out through the use of copy and expressive patterns.



Talking Turkeys

Penguin Book Design Awards

In response to the Children’s book cover competition brief for Penguin, this design concept channels the theme of openness, through the use of Gestalt Theory, originally the viewer will see the emoji smiling, which is positive. The message behind this is two fists in contrasting colours coming together forming a fist bump, displaying unity to the children. On the back cover, the ideas of positivity and speech is also communicated with the thumbs up and the megaphone.



Editorial Beyond the Page

An article from Eye Magazine

The design brief was to redesign an article from the 2000 to 2001 issue of Eye Magazine, to update it for the present day and bring it to life through Augmented Reality. The chosen article was ‘Day-Glow Mind Blow’, which had themes of psychedelia and inner/outer state of mind, which was emphasised by an explosion of colour and psychedelic posters which reflected the visuals of the counterculture of Britain. The modern double page spreads (DPS) are experimental, interpreting the language within the article. Each DPS has a different style to them, but they are all connected by the borders, the liquid illustrations and the psychedelic rippled copy, which corresponds to the ideas of being free flowing and a warped reality.



BEAM- Rise Up in Graphic Design

Final Major Project

There is a lack of representation within the design community, people from a BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) background make up 13% of the design jobs in the UK, this needed to be addressed, where young people need to be encouraged to go into the industry. This project was set out to show them there is room for them despite the lack of representation. BEAM – Rise Up In Graphic Design is a guide that introduces Graphic Design to ethnic minority students, showcasing diverse talent within the industry and providing knowledge on the fundamental basics of graphic design, the types of education available to study, tips on creating a portfolio, and how to talk to parents about pursuing graphic design. The aesthetic of the guide is inspired by the early 2000’s with the use of pastel colours, technology and stickers.