Anisa Momen

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hey, I’m Anisa. I’m a British-Bangladeshi graphic designer with a keen interest in editorial and publication design. Throughout my degree I’ve enjoyed and explored a wide range of briefs that have helped expand my skill set. I’ve enjoyed working on book covers for the Penguin Student Design Awards and creating AR motion graphics for editorial pages. I am a passionate and hardworking individual who can work well in a team. I hope to work on projects that inspire people through digital and print design in the future.

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My Type of Place

Typography Project

Inspired by the Topkapi palace and its rich Ottoman history, this project focuses on the women of the empire and how they had a strong influence. By using typography and the idea of a nighttime exhibition, the walkway highlights and teaches the influence of the female sultans. The walkway shares history in English, Arabic and Turkish using projection mapping and animation.





Editorial Beyond The Page

Editorial Project

Having chosen the article ‘Not Browsing But Reading’ by Adrian Shaughnessy, the brief focused on creating an editorial spread and AR motion graphics. Each of the deliverable designs were taken from the inspiration of the article and reflected the content of the article. The designs were influenced by how Shaughnessy describes the early age of reading e-books on computers in the late 90s/2000s.



Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee

Penguin Student Design Award

The design concept aimed to show one of the memorable parts of the story where Chila is gifted a bright pink bra for her wedding night. The rose petals and marigolds are seen during the wedding which both her best friends Sunita and Tania attend. The handwritten title is influenced by the style of Sanskrit text. The book focuses on their friendship, their choices and how they were raised in the South Asian community.



Pretty Code Word Fair

Final Major Project

Pretty Code Word Fair is a collection of real-life stories that show colourism in South Asian culture. The history, the experiences, stories and lessons are shown. It breaks the barrier and gets people talking about issues within South Asian culture and the bias towards lighter skinned people. Pretty Code Word fair is eye-opening to those who have never experienced colourism. With its unique format, the South Asian and Non South Asian community can discuss colourism.