Amy Holland

Inclusive Studies in Special Educational Needs, Disability and Diversity BA (Hons)

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Amy Holland is a current student at the University of Northampton.

Your University Experience

Why did you decide to study at the University of Northampton?

I chose to study at the University of Northampton due to living locally.

What are your career goals/aspirations?

My future goals are to hopefully work within the law/policy side of special education. I also hope to become a consultant for the local authority and help develop strategies in improving areas in SEN/D services.

How do you think your studies will help your career or personal development when you graduate?

Already in my first year, I have been given chances and directed to where I can gain and develop vital information, that will only enhance my career opportunities. For example; my personal tutor shared a professionals network meeting that was happening outside of university, she shared my booking link with me, and this gave me the opportunity to meet lots of SEN/D services managers and share my ideas. I am now part of many workstreams, workshops, training, peer reviews and much more.

My studies have given me the knowledge (and confidence) to be able to be part of “big questions” and being part of the solutions. We have spent time in lectures researching policies and laws that are at the core of the majority of all SEN/D services.

Which, if any, skills and knowledge/understanding gained on your degree do you feel will be most useful in your future career?

Learning about all the different policies that there is in SEN/D education. Learning to critically read and analyse language is a really useful skill gained in the first year. Learning to listen to different perspectives on how other perceive different context has been interesting – learning to be able to see their view point and have healthy debates.

These skills will be vital to me being successful for the area of work I hope to go into, in the future.

Extra-curricular activities

Are you currently involved in any community or volunteering projects?

I run a youth club once a week for children aged 0-16.

Your advice

In one sentence, what advice would you give to undergraduates interested in this career path or anything you wish you had known earlier?

Turn up to lectures, listen, ask lots of questions and be prepared to take advantage of every opportunity given!

In ten words, or less how would you summarise your UON experience?

So far, so good! I am smashing it!