Amy Annemarie Langen

Illustration BA (Hons)

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Amy Langen is an illustrator, based in Kettering, Northamptonshire. She would like to be defined as an artist/creator. She has a passion for art and learning new experiences. Her creative interests include film, music, photography and science that she wants to explore through illustration. Her projects relate to her interests.

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Book(ish) concept

Editorial Brief

The Book(ish) concept working with interview article to illustrate parts of the article that references future robotics and technology.



Life in Lockdown


Showing student life in lockdown.

An image of me in my study room.



Christmas gif

Film house brief

The Christmas gif is based on two films ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Home Alone’ illustrated in a Christmas theme.



The Invention of Morel.

Narrative brief

Taking the expansive approach to the book based on ‘The Invention of Morel’, by illustrating the part of the book that references the mansion/house. There are 4 illustrations that show of the interior and exterior of the mansion in a victorian gothic style which is my expansive approach to the project.




Final major project

An animation on Dyslexia. I did an animation telling my story of ‘Living with Dyslexia’, using different animation techniques, and an image next to the animation.

A scene of my secondary school.