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Abigail Isalaye

Architectural Technology BSc (Hons)

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My name is Abigail, and I was born and brought up in southeast London. I decided to attend this uni as its I wanted a change of location so I thought this uni would be perfect also because I came for the open day, and I liked what I saw . My desire to study Architectural technology first came about when I was in college. I studied fine art and Graphics communication, I am very artistic, and I was studying different architects in college when I came across the architects Daniel Libeskind and Zaha Hadid. I instantly fell in love with their work. I then started to do my own research on buildings and just loved the idea of the process and design more of the concept behind it.

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Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Built Environment

final major project

I was working on a project on the university of Northampton grounds. I was working on a Centre for excellence for sustainable built environment. A £52.5 million budget was set out for the design and construction for this project. The site I worked on was adjacent to the creative hub which located at waterside campus at the university of Northampton. The design must reflect the purpose of which the building is being proposed must be a hallmark for near zero carbon building not only in the UK but internationally. The building should not be more than three stories 4 floors and must complement the existing Creative.