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Waterside Campus Student Parking

There is limited car parking available at Waterside campus for commuting and residential students.

Parking is for permit holders only – this means you must complete a permit application process before you can park. Please see below for information on the parking conditions, cost and how to apply for a permit.

We ask students to apply for parking because our car park space is limited and is not open to the public. Car parks are only open to the University community and we need to preregister any vehicle coming on to site through our Automatic Number Plate System, you must be preregistered to avoid receiving a Penalty Charge Notice.

The only exception to this is the Sixfields Park and Ride and Waterside Car Park One in the evenings and weekends – no prior registration is needed here – just turn up!

Waterside Car Park One (NN1 5PH)

Car park one is available for all commuting students and is open only in the evenings and weekends (no overnights). No permit is required.

Cost of parking

Pay as you go – use the payment machine just outside of car park one (bank card only) or RingGo phone/app/website (Location code: 24701).

  • Weekdays 5pm – midnight: 50p
  • Weekends 7am – midnight: £1
  • Motorbikes: free parking

Good to know

  • Great for late night study.
  • Open when the park and ride is closed.
  • No overnights.
  • Postcode: NN1 5PH

Waterside Car Park Four (NN4 8RP)

Waterside car park four is open 24/7 for commuting students (with approved permit holders only).


Pay as you go – payment is automatically deducted via your account on the Permit Management System – based on the ANPR camera reads of your vehicle entering and exiting the site. Motorbikes pay a one-off termly fee of £30 to cover all parking.

Monday to Friday tariff
  • Free for first 30-minutes in any day (to allow equipment drop-off/pick-up)
  • £1 for up to three hours (between 7am and 5pm)
  • £2 for three to six hours (between 7am and 5pm)
  • £3 for whole day (6:00am to midnight)
  • 50p for evening only (5pm to midnight)
Saturday and Sunday tariff
  • £1 for the whole day
Bank holidays and Closed days tariffs:
  • Free all day

How to apply for a permit

Termly application process online to receive a ‘virtual permit’ on the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System. Applications open the month prior to the new term. See the application process page.

Eligibility criteria
  • your course must be based at Waterside.
  • you must reside outside of the 10-mile exclusion zone from Waterside and have no viable access to the Park and Ride (i.e you live on the East of the county or out of county).
  • priority is given to Young Carers and Registered carers.
  • students with an 18+ Oyster Photocard cannot apply.
  • priority is given to those living the furthest away and those living rurally with poor public transport connections.
  • those living within 3 miles of a Rail Station which has direct links to Northampton Station are not eligible to apply. (Find the list of stations on the parking page).
Good to know
  • Our least green option – Northampton town centre is heavily congested and has poor air quality.
  • Our Park and Ride service is cheaper (free parking and £1 return bus fare).
  • Flexible payment – only pay for when you stay, don’t drive every day.
  • Postcode: NN4 8RP

Waterside Car Park Three (NN4 8RP)

Waterside car park three is open 24/7 and is available for Waterside Student Village residents.

Cost of parking

It costs £100 per term for cars and £30 for motorbikes.

How to apply for a permit

Termly application process online to receive a ‘virtual permit’ on the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System. Applications open the month prior to the new term. See the application process page.

Eligibility criteria
  • you must reside at Waterside Halls
  • priority is given to those undertaking an official placement or volunteering as part of their course during the term,
  • your permanent home address must not be a NN1 or NN4 postcode,
  • priority is given to Young Carers, Registered Carers and those living the furthest away/with poor public transport connections to their home address.
Good to know
  • Good for temporary/termly parking when travel is required for placement.
  • Most students living at Waterside Student Village find they do not need a car as everything is accessible by foot.
  • Only 40 spaces available.
  • Postcode: NN4 8RP

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