Student car parking (Blue Badge and ASSIST)

Student Car Parking

From August 2018 there will be limited parking for students across our sites, this comes as part of the planning conditions for Waterside, our ambitious Travel Plan and to reflect the central town centre location and many local amenities at all our sites.

Please see the tabs provided in the menu bar for information on:

  • The Park & Ride
  • Our subsidised Uno Buses and free intercampus bus
  • Northamptonshire Buses
  • Northampton Rail Station
  • The town’s hire bikes ‘Cycle CoNNect’
  • Walking and cycling information and maps

However, we will provide parking for Blue Badge holders and eligible ASSIST students, please see the information below.

Blue Badge Holders

Students who hold a local authority-issued Blue Badge are able to park at the University for free; they are eligible to park in any bay across the University sites, except for Electric Vehicle Charging bays and motorbike/moped areas, but they must display their Blue Badge in the windscreen.

Blue Badge holders are still required to register their vehicle in order to gain access to the car parks through the barriers. Students must register with the University’s Additional Student Support & Inclusion Services Team (ASSIST) and apply for parking through them, including providing a copy of their Blue Badge as evidence. Their vehicle details will then be added to the approved vehicle list in order to be given access to the car parks across all sites. Some parking at the University will require a barrier card for access and others will have a barrier which automatically opens based on number plate recognition (see the table at the bottom of the pages for more info). Barrier Cards can be purchased from the online shop for £5; a link will be provided on approval from ASSIST.

To register with ASSIST please visit the webpage:

‘ASSIST Parking Permit Holders’

Students registered with the University’s Additional Student Support & Inclusion Services Team (ASSIST) can apply for parking if their condition means they are unable to take public transport. This involves completing an application form and providing supporting medical evidence from a qualified professional (such as a GP, OT, Psychiatrist, or hospital consultant) on headed paper, signed and dated within 3 months* of the application (*if the evidence is older, or it is not clear how the condition is still impacting on the applicant at the time of application they may be required to obtain updated medical evidence).

Students can apply for an ‘ASSIST Parking Permit’ if their condition affects their ability to:

  • use public transport,
  • walk or stand for extended periods,
  • attend University without travel assistance, for example –o   psychological distress as a result of travelling via public transport or to an unfamiliar location, or being without access to independent transport;o   requiring access to a vehicle in order to attend medical appointments and/or leave campus urgently/unexpectedly due to the effects of their disability/health condition;o   requiring access to their vehicle in order to rest in between classes owing to extreme fatigue associated with their condition;o   requiring access to a vehicle in order to store heavy, bulky or multiple items associated with their studies and/or disability, owing to inability to carry large, heavy or multiple items.

The requirement for a permit must be clearly supported in the medical evidence being provided, and the justification must relate to their medical condition/disability as outlined above.  Applications in relation to providing support or care for a dependent with a disability or additional need will not be eligible for a permit.  Only applications from students with additional needs themselves are eligible for the Permit scheme.

Students can obtain an application form from ASSIST or the ASSIST webpages here: (Please note the applications for Permits will not be open until late July 2018).  ASSIST will assess the application for eligibility for a permit; depending on the evidence provided an appointment with the applicant may be required.

If your application is successful, ASSIST will pass your vehicle details to the parking team to be added to the approved list for the specified car parks associated with your course, i.e.  Waterside or St George’s Avenue.  ASSIST Parking Permit holders can park in staff parking bays but cannot park in accessible/blue-badge bays, visitor bays, Electric Vehicle Charging bays and designated motorbike areas.

ASSIST Parking Permit holders residing in Boughton Green Road or Bassett Lowke Halls can also apply for free termly parking there (there is no parking available at other University halls except Blue Badge).

Permits are free of charge but a one off barrier card purchase (£5) will be required in order to gain access to the majority of the student car parks.

Parking will be awarded for a designated timeframe; a repeat application can be made upon expiration of the ‘ASSIST Parking Permit’ if necessary.  This will be subject to reassessment of the student needs and may require updated medical evidence.

For more information visit:

Location Eligibility Car park management
Boughton Green Road Halls, Park Campus Halls residents only. Barrier Card
Bassett Lowke Halls, St George’s Avenue Halls residents and students accessing ASSIST, Counselling and/or the Mental Health Team. Barrier Card
Car Park 2, St George’s Avenue Commuting students only (i.e. not living in Bassett Lowke Halls). Barrier Card
St John’s Hall Blue Badge Holders only. Barrier Card
Waterside car parks Commuting students only (i.e. not living in Waterside Student Village). Automatic Number Plate Recognition (no barrier card required).
Waterside – Student Village Halls residents only. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (no barrier card required).
University Innovation Centre Blue Badge Holders only. Barrier Card



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