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The University of Northampton has an excellent range of supportive resources to aid students in all aspects of their studies in order to help them achieve their academic potential.

The University recognises that individuals will have different needs and offers a diverse range of personalised systems to help students achieve their aims. The University’s Learning Development team offers one-to-one sessions, telephone or e-tutorials, drop in sessions, bespoke workshops for groups of students. Learning Development also provides study packs, Infographics, videos and rough guides on all academic skills including statistics, essay writing, critical analytical writing, dissertations and numeracy.

All of our resources are available through NILE – Blackboard Learn. Each student is also assigned a personal tutor who can offer support and guidance on issues with mitigating circumstances, extensions and personal development planning.

The University library is open seven days, offering a range of timely and accessible learning support delivered online and face-to-face – embedded within courses or as personalised help.

We appreciate that some students may find using library services overwhelming, particularly if they have a disability, medical condition, specific learning difference or are experiencing personal or mental health issues. Our staff are welcoming and knowledgeable. Their primary aim is to enable, support and enhance your use of the library and our range of resources, facilities and services so please ask if you need any help.

If you feel your needs are complex and you require more tailored support in order to make the best use of library services then please contact

View the library website.


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