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Ashley Jane Strawbridge – FdSc Paramedic Science

Jane’s Story

Ashley Jane StrawbridgeTwenty-seven year old Ashley Jane is from London, she studied Paramedic Science. Her partner is also a paramedic, who has been working for over three years in this profession. Ashley Jane always knew she wanted to work in the health pr​ofession doing a clinical role, but wasn’t certain in what capacity.

Instead of rushing, she opted to get considerable life experience which has been of huge benefit now she is out on placement. She has worked in the NHS and for the London Ambulance Service where she was a project co-ordinator.​​

“I could have applied for the course earlier, but I wanted to gain more experience so I did some short courses and worked abroad. I’ve been to Croatia, Hanover and Sweden, and completed two postgraduate certificates in Medical Response to Major Incidents (MRMI).

My advice is not to rush. If you’re not sure, that’s fine – wait.

Get more life experience, it won’t do you any harm; it will give you a greater perspective of life and will open up doors to different people and opportunities. It’s never too late to change, but it’s always good to do thorough research.

What you think you want to do and what that really entails can be very different.”

“This career pathway is not for everyone and requires a lifetime of commitment to learning, as well as a professional conduct even whist out of work. However, I feel it is one of the most rewarding careers you can do.”

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