Victoria Hajba – Law LLB

Victoria’s Law Story

Victoria Hajba UN graduateVictoria graduated in 2010, and is currently working for Wilberforce Chambers, based in Hull. During her three years at Northampton, Victoria developed an interest in criminal law and worked hard to obtain a scholarship to study the Bar Practice Training Course.

In her current role as a Barrister, Victoria experiences highly pressured situations where she often has to think on her feet and deal with emotionally charged individuals.

Victoria practices in all areas of law – both prosecuting and defending – and undertakes a variety of cases, from civil disputes to family law matters.

My Advice

“To get started in this career you need an exceptional degree and you need to stand out from the crowd. It is a highly competitive industry. You need to be able to think fast and argue anything, even something you may not agree with.

“While studying at the University of Northampton I had the opportunity to undertake competitive mooting (a simulated legal argument, in front of a mock court), and I had the opportunity to moot in front of the Home Secretary. I also entered a national competition and got through to the finals in London.

“During my degree I volunteered for the Human Rights charity Reprieve in the US state of Texas, where I defended people on Death Row. Without this experience and the variety of skills gained throughout my degree, I doubt I would have secured the training to become a Barrister.”


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