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Safeena Saleem – Project Management MSc

What made you choose the University of Northampton?

I was offered a place in two other universities for the same course but I chose the University of Northampton because of the placement year, along with one year of study.

In what way(s) do you think your placement will help you?

Placement jobs help students to learn practical skills in the field. As an international student I will gain broad knowledge of the business market in the UK with this great opportunity.

Do you think the placement will help you get a better job in the future?

I believe so, yes!  In many jobs experience is needed or in some cases essential, so I am hoping to gain that experience by completing this placement year.

Did you get help finding a placement?

Yes, the Skills Hub helps students with each and every step. Also the Students Union offers a lot of voluntary opportunities for students to engage and create their network and the employability office invites companies to meet with students at different events inside the University.

What is the most interesting/demanding aspect of the placement?

The most challenging thing is consistency, however I am excited to learn and explore new things.

Would you recommend a Masters course with placement?

Students are sometimes afraid because you have to secure the placement 4 months before starting it, but I highly recommend a placement year – there are opportunities out there. You need to make the effort to find them but it is the best way to explore and learn new experiences before jumping into your professional career.

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