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Paola Bethmage – MA Management

Opportunities from MA Management

Paola BethmageThe key responsibilities within my role is to recruit st​udents for the European School of Economics (ESE) and to carry out sales and promotional activities within the UK and overseas. Other duties involve representing ESE at recruitment fairs, helping to organise open days, conducting talks in schools and colleges.

​Most enjoyable and rewarding are the opportunities to travel around the world and meet so many different people from different backgrounds and culture. This job allows me to make lifelong friends and learn so much about the different cultures.

I think I have been quite lucky to get this opportunity because usually people start off with recruitment assistant or a similar role. That is usually the entry level for this kind of job, therefore I consider myself really lucky because ESE gave me the opportunity to work as a recruitment officer, which is a role with many responsibilities. However, when at university, I worked part time in roles that required me to work in student recruitment activities.

Key skills from studies

My studies have helped me a lot, however a lot of hard work has been put in from my side. Whilst studying I have worked part time at the University in a variety of roles, I was a University Ambassador, Residential Life Assistant, Literacy Ambassador, Telephone Interviewer Telephone Fundraiser, Student Representative and Student Consultant. I have always been involved in many activities within the Uni. I believe that nowadays just attending lectures does not suffice.

It is crucial to work part time or volunteer as it exposes you to different situations. In fact I believe my current job is the outcome of the part time work that I did at university and the support I received from academic and non-academic staff members. However like all rough diamonds, the skills and knowledge gained from the course helped to polish my skills and made me more knowledgeable about the current ever so globalised business world.

The skills, knowledge and understanding gained on my degree, which are useful in my work role are cross culture communication, the ability to adapt to different business needs, the ability to multi-task and team working skills.

I believe that anyone with a business related degree can do this type of job. Also part time work related to student recruitment can be a big advantage. In my case, working as an ambassador or RLA has exposed me to recruitment activities and this was a plus when applying for this job. Also, I believe that good communication and relationship building skills are important.

Support from staff

​I cannot thank the University enough for all the great opportunities it has given me over the past four years. Staff members and work colleagues are all super kind and always happy to help. The university environment is beautiful and the perfect place to study and enjoy time with friends. My tutors have always been really helpful and I am really grateful to everyone for all the support and advice provided over the last four years. I could fill up the entire prospectus with all the good memories and people to thank, unfortunately I can’t!

Lastly I just want to say that anyone coming to this University is in for something really special and I wish that all the new students will have the same wonderful experience I had at the University of Northampton.

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