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Lydia Millen – BA Retail Marketing

Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia Millen’s University Story

Having never felt particularly confident at school, Lydia decided not go down the ‘traditional’ academic route into University. However, after working for a few years, she decided that a degree was just what she needed to kick-start her already promising career in the fashion industry.

Her brother had studied at the University of Northampton and suggested that it was the perfect place for Lydia to gain her degree and in 2009 she began her journey. She is now a successful and influential blogger with thousands of followers. Here she explains how she got to where she is today.

Studying with Northampton

“Studying at the University of Northampton helped me understand branding in a strategic way and how to think of myself as an actual brand. What I enjoyed most about my course was learning about the shifts from bricks and mortar stores to online stores and the use of social media when doing so.

“Once I finished my course I’d hoped to become a successful woman within the fashion industry, but it didn’t quite work out the way I planned. I currently work as a full time blogger and it involves working alongside my favourite brands to bring my readers, engaging, beautiful and creative content.

How my career started

“I didn’t really know that blogging was going to be my career, as it’s only in the last year that blogging has become an actual Industry and has come such a long way since I started in 2012. When that happened, I realised I wanted to work towards it being my full-time occupation. It was a lot of hard work but now that I’m there, every day it blows my mind.

“My blog started off as a fashion blog where I would take pictures of myself styling my favourite items and then it progressed into a fitness blog, as I would go on Yoga retreats or do my favourite recipes and document these. I would now say that it is a fairly well rounded lifestyle blog where I get to do all those things and travel the world!

“There is no typical day in blogging. Every single day is completely different and you never know where you’ll be, what country you’ll be in, who you’ll be working with or what you’ll be doing. You’re constantly guessing!”​

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