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Hanifa Dungarwalla – MBA

Moving from MBA to Business

Hanifa DungarwallaHanifa Dungarwalla is an MBA graduate who has moved onto a very strong career since studying with us in 2012.

She has worked in a number of industries, including eCommerce for online gifts retailer GiftsOnline4U, FMCG, White Goods and now Publishing.

“My MBA has given me a strong grounding in all aspects of business management and has informed my leadership style, allowing me to consider challenges and opportunities at a much more strategic level. I feel that it helped to elevate my thinking from just being action oriented to looking at the bigger picture and ensuring my strategies delivered on overall company objectives.

“Digital has also been at the heart of what I do. It is the area that I feel most passionate about because it is dynamic and constantly evolving. I am very target driven and through digital channels it’s possible to measure so much – conversion, consumer engagement and clear return on investment.

“Throughout all the companies that I have worked at, I have been able to successfully grow their online offering, whether that is simply improving conversion rates, or driving volume of consumers to a brand website, or activating online campaigns that support above the line television advertising or experiential PR campaigns.

What the MBA has done for me

“The MBA Top-up at the University of Northampton was fantastic. I learned and was able to put large amounts of what I learned into practice. The support provided by the faculty was incredible and really helped me achieve my overall goal.

“It also opened my mind to further opportunities available in the academic area of my field of work and that has led me to study towards a Doctorate in Business Administration so that my research and work can make an impact within industry.

My Advice

“My advice to any undergraduates interested in this work would be to understand your business before you decide to take the plunge – figure out if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If there is any doubt there and you come across a time when things don’t go your way or it’s getting really tough – then you might lose focus or enthusiasm. If you are running your own business then you need to stay focused. Strategy and focus are key.”

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