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Essa Khan – MBA

Essa Khan

As a faculty member, I am responsible for course facilitation. I teach management, entrepreneurship, organizational behaviour and human resource management.

Besides teaching, I am responsible for the mentoring of students and providing support in different seminars and events. As a mentor, I guide them as to how to think over different issues. As an academician, I am required to conduct research and as a research supervisor I have to guide students to do their thesis and projects.

I have to work in collaboration among different departments of the University and work as an active team member. I am also heading up the students’ society Bahria Entrepreneurship Society (BEST). BEST is basically for the Bahria University students to brainstorm and get different ideas and those ideas could be implemented in the real world.

I have always been sociable – therefore I enjoy very much to interact with the students. Listening to the problems of students and then guiding them to find the solution to these problems. I feel that students really consider me to be their mentor. I do not say that I solve their problems, but I say at least after discussing with me they feel themselves to be more confident to take the challenges head on.

I enjoy taking classes and like discussing different questions raised by students. The respect I get from the students is an unmatched reward – the biggest motivator for me. I think that I am in the right place. Teaching would have been a blessing if it were only teaching, but it has got many other things attached to it. The multiple tasks assigned to you and the multiple deadlines to meet really make university teaching to be a job which requires multitasking.

Teaching is considered to be a respectable job in our part of the world as well. In order to get started in teaching a PhD, or at least Master degree, is a requirement.

After completing the MBA at the University of Northampton, I applied for the post of Senior Lecturer and the Bahria University warmly welcomed me into its fraternity of teachers. Like other professions, it also needs commitment and flexibility all the way. Obviously, time is the best teacher so your past experience really helps you.

Job experience gives you an ability to come up with real life examples. Teaching experience gives you confidence to deliver the lecture. If you want to be a teacher, so try to be the one who is always the first to make a presentation in the class.

In my case the Bahria University supported me in my career, where I have been given the opportunity to get different training conducted by the University itself or by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan. I am really thankful to the Bahria University that it supported me in every aspect of my career. That is why; I am successfully, crossing every hurdle that comes my way.

My time at The University of Northampton was a splendid experience for me. I really enjoyed my stay in Northampton. It is like second home to me. The tough times were meeting the assignment deadlines and preparing for exams. Making presentations in the class appeared to be too much at the time of study, but now I feel it was worth a try. I really enjoyed the presentation part.

I feel confident in the subject area thatI had been taught at the University of Northampton. I am well conversant with the modern techniques of teaching therefore I stand out among my colleagues, and the students voted for me as “The best teacher of Bahria University” Karachi campus, Pakistan . I dedicate my success to all my teachers here in Pakistan and in England. I was very much impressed by my teachers, their way of teaching and their personalities touched me a lot. I would like to mention some of the names: Jon Steven, Dr Kathleen Mortimer, Tim Peacock and Ross Thompson. I have to thank one more non-academic side personality, Delia Heneghan.

Delia supported me in all my time at the University and h​elped me a lot. They were all inspirational for me during my stay at university as I continued on with my career. I am getting these opportunities and pay thanks to all of them.

During my stay at the University of Northampton both for Diploma and MBA, gave me tremendous opportunities to learn. In the beginning, I was really nervous that what I would do and it seems to be very difficult to carry on with my degree but as the time was going on I was really experiencing fun at university and I had enjoyed all my lectures and presentations which gave me confidence to defeat stage fright.

When I was taking any classes at university, I was analysing and comparing different teaching techniques and methods used by different teachers. If I analyse myself, I find studying at The University of Northampton brought some changes in me. I was a bit impatient, my study taught me to wait for appropriate times to express myself and listen to others before coming up with my views. With this small repository I interact with my colleagues and students and they really enjoy this time with me. My stay at Northampton really gave me up to date knowledge of the field of study which is helpful for me in teaching here in Pakistan.

I never consider myself to be extraordinary, but I am always ready to make an extraordinary effort. I advise any undergraduates interested in this work to improve their language skills and analytical skills.

Learning logic and reading literature will help you in improving both the areas I mentioned. It is not the learnt knowledge which gets you access somewhere, it is the proclivity to apply the knowledge positively. Obviously, every part of the world needs good energetic and enthusiastic faculty members, so be ready for it. If you already know that you want to take teaching as a career, then make good use of all the facilities and resources available to you. Remember to be optimistic and have a big dream and never give up. You only lose when you give up.

The course at the University of Northampton was a dream come true for me. I feel that studying at the University was one of the cleverest decisions I have ever made. My MBA made my life and gave me the career what I wanted. The faculty of the University of Northampton do not teach only the knowledge they carry in their mind, they also teach with the personality they carry in their heart. I learnt tolerance, I learnt respect and above all I learnt to feel the warmth of humanity.

The University was like a mini world for me, where you can meet and see different people from all over the world and learn how to interact with different cultures and norms. My stay at the University was an excellent time of my life, we friends used to play cricket during summer time, enjoy parties, and make trips. I have always been very keen to serve my country and I think teaching in a renowned university like Bahria University is the fulfilment of that desire.​

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