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Datsa Gaile – BA (Hons) Business Studies

Business Studies to International News

Datsa Gaile graduated with a degree in Business Studies and is now running a successful media company called ‘Anglo Baltic News‘ which promotes Latvian news and events from the UK.

The key responsibilities within my current position are to manage the company, seek out new business, offer internships for international ERASMUS students from Latvia, building good relationships with customers and clients and generate new ideas.

Life in the media

I love helping people and that is one of the reasons I started Anglo Baltic News, to help people from my country. Through the years it has gone in a bit of a different direction and I have grown more as a business woman. The challenging aspects can be to learn how to run the business, coordinate everything and how to make it work but you learn more and more from each situation.

I didn’t have any qualifications in media business so I started to learn internet marketing online by myself and just researched what similar companies were doing in the industry. During my studies I applied for a grant and I started my first newspaper which has grown into a Media and Advertising Business. My website last month succeeded a half a million readers since it was first launched.

​I get inspired by successful speakers and entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Dani Johnson, Donald Trump, Richard Branson and the Dragons in UK. I find it fascinating to find out how they have progressed and how I can follow in their footsteps.

Using the skills from my course

My studies at the University of Northampton helped my career because I learned a great deal about business and have been able to use this knowledge to start my company. I started my website as a hobby and never thought it would grow and turn into professional media and business company.

I went to university with the aim of getting a better job but through hardwork and determination my work has turned into a news agency, consulting company and we are helping to build a business relationship between Latvia and the United Kingdom. Our clients are banks, language companies, transport companies, we work close with a Latvian embassy in London, Investment agencies and the Foreign Ministry in Latvia.

I am currently working on my first book “How to start business from scratch”.

My advice to new students

In terms of advice for any undergraduates interested in this work – before you start your own business you have to realise and understand that it will take lots of your time. It will not be working 9am-5pm. If it doesn’t work out in the early stages don’t give up and just keep going.

You can start your free website any time, you just need to know who is going to be your audience, how you will encourage people to interact to read your website (through social media, interesting stories) and you have to know what will be your niche market. Start with a strong plan and your ideas will come. Also, you have to believe in everything you are doing. You have to believe in your product, service and in yourself.

I loved the course and lectures at the University. Thank you, the University of Northampton,​ for promoting my work.

*Photo by Miks Garokalns​​

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