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Anastasia Ngon – MBA

Business Coach from MBA

Anastasia NgonAnastasia Ngon’s time at University has set her on the path to becoming a business coach.

Anastasia’s experiences on the MBA course at the University of Northampton have put her in good stead for a successful career in business.

With her eyes firmly set on a business coaching role, she feels her time at the University has improved her both academically and socially.

Anastasia, whose ambition is to become a business coach, said: “I am very confident because I know I have been equipped and nurtured to achieve my future goals and dreams.

Opportunities and skills from my course

“I have gained so many skills during my degree, including proficiency, self-motivation, organisation, the ability to work under pressure and leadership – these are all very vital for my future career.”

Anastasia has combined her studies with a work placement within the University’s Office of the Vice Chancellor, which she says has “not only enhanced my skill set, but also provided me with relevant industry experience which will positively impact my career path.”

She also supports newly recruited international MBC placement students, sharing her experiences with them, and offering them help to secure work placements.

Anastasia added: “Northampton is a home away from home, there’s a real personal touch between students, lecturers, staff and colleagues.

“You just know you are part of this community that is always very supportive.

“The lecturers are enthusiastic about their courses and are willing to guide you.”

My advice

“If you are thinking of studying for an MBA, I will say go for it, do something today that your future self will thank you for. As long as you are ready to work hard, the end goal is a life-changing experience.”

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