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Marvin Mudzongo – BA Graphic Communication

Graduating from Graphic Communication

Marvin Mudzongo graduated in 2012 with a BA in Graphic Communication. He is currently working on a variety of exciting projects in the community such as the St David wall mural.Marvin Mudzongo

He is founder of Ghostdavandal Originals, which is in the developmental stages of being set up as a Social Enterprise, delivering workshops to disadvantaged members of the community or simply inspiring individuals or social groups within the community.

I am involved daily with branding, designing handbooks and stationary (such as flyers, menus, web banners, posters and so on) that are used and circulated within the University and Students’ Uni​on.

I enjoy working to a brief or setting out a brief that involves in-depth researching methods, an ideas generation process and the designing process after pin pointing the necessities and fulfilling (or exceeding the brief). I find it difficult to work without setting out (a brief) and achievable goals and possible outcomes; it is like walking blind and aimlessly.

Most people get started in this career by working their way up from a junior position or as a freelancer! During my studies I partook in both and found it very beneficial when it came to gaining experience. Freelancing helped me understand the relationships between clients. Volunteering and having a part time job as a Junior Graphic Designer gave me the necessary skills to become confident as a designer and understand the role I was in and what to expect in a professional role.

Using skills from study

Studying helped me improve as a designer in being able to recognise a problem, analyse it and come up with possible solutions or outcomes that are friendly to whoever the client is.

My experience at university broadened my options as a designer and instead of getting a traditional role in firm or agency, I’ve been encouraged to start a Social Enterprise, working within the community and very much focused on visual arts.

During the course at the University of Northampton I got to understand how to handle mass information and begin to interpret how it can be channeled in a visual way. Whether it is marketing or product designing, illustration or web based design, I found that some of what I learned at u​niversity was quite helpful in practise.

With regard to giving advice to any undergraduates interested in this line of work, I would encourage anyone to challenge him or herself by volunteering their services, getting involved locally or enter international competitions. If you have a clear goal and know what you want to achieve then find out about work experience, placements and get networking!

​I thoroughly enjoyed my course at the University of Northampton and met many interesting, like-minded people.

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