Gaurav Ravindra – BSc (Hons) Computing (Software Engineering)

Gaurav Ravindra on campus

Graduating with a degree in Computing

“If I had a chance to do university all over again, I’d still choose the University of Northampton.”

Gaurav Ravindra, originally from India, graduated in 2014 with a BSc (Hons) in Computing (Software Engineering). He now works as a Software Engineer in the Software Development sector in London.

“I enjoyed my course very much and it provided me with excellent experiences. The assignments I completed as part of my course have prepared me to tackle real world problems as a Software Engineer. I would ideally like to gain some experience in the industry and then return to education to complete a Masters in Software Engineering and continue working in the industry afterwards as a Computer Scientist.

Teaching and life on the course

“I took my university education very seriously. All modules I studied over the period of three years helped me get a deeper understanding on the topics. I always received help from all my tutors whenever I needed to understand a complex concept, and as a result I achieved a first class degree with a complete grade – A profile in every module for all three years.”

Gaurav, not only worked hard on his degree whilst studying at the University of Northampton, but he also participated in multiple extra-curricular activities; from being a University ambassador to participating in societies, such as the Computer Science society and the Music Performing society. Gaurav commented:

“All the extra-curricular activities I was part of helped my gain skills outside academics.”

“Even though it was a big hurdle to get a job in the UK as a non-EU international student, with all the experience on my CV; I could really make an impact during my interviews. I believe this was a vital element in being successful in getting a job.”

Job success with help from the staff

He also attributes the University’s Computing Department for ensuring he was successful in his hunt for a job. “The Computing Department has excellent connections with the local industry and organises various career events, one of which helped me secure an internship with Barclaycard after the end of my second year. I gained some valuable industry experience which later helped be stand out as a potential candidate.”

He concluded: “My experience at the University of Northampton was exhilarating, quite overwhelming at times and yet absolutely imperative for success!”


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