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Debo Phillips – MEng Hons Mechanical Engineering

Debo Phillips Debo’s route to Masters level study

Five years after completing his BSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Lagos in Nigeria, Debo came to study Engineering in England – this time at Master’s level.

Speaking about his Master’s in Engineering, Debo said: “The course has given me additional qualifications and life skills which will be attractive to potential employers and clients.

“It’s equipped me with technical knowledge which I can then apply to real-world situations. I have learned not only to undertake independent study and research, but also how to ask for help. I have worked in teams of various sizes and with people from different backgrounds.”

Opportunities on the course

During his studies, Debo volunteered for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers at the Imagineering Fair, in Coventry.

He said: “We assisted senior engineers in showing young children how to assemble models of the Bloodhound Supersonic car. I also helped them to understand some simple concepts in physics that are the basis of the car.”

Debo added: “I was also a student ambassador at University, which was challenging at first, as I am normally a reserved person. I had to interact with people of different ages and backgrounds. I also had to take on school tours and answer questions about my experiences. Overall, it was rewarding for me as I improved my public speaking and I grew more confident with every activity.”

Competing for the University

Debo also joined the University’s American football team. He said: “That was one of the highlights of my time at Northampton – I got the chance to train and play with a great group of guys. The training sessions were long and hard but we enjoyed ourselves and developed friendships. We also got to visit and compete against other universities while participating in the league.”

Reflecting on his time in Northampton, Debo added: “I have grown and developed over the last two years. I have made new friends, learned a new sport, and picked up vital technical and life skills. While doing all of these, I have earned qualifications which go a long way in advancing my career and life plans.”

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