Leather Technology (all courses) Welcome Pack

Welcome to Leather Technology 2022.

On behalf of the team, I would like to welcome you to the University of Northampton and Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT).

The Leather Technology courses are designed to teach you the principles behind the various processes of leather manufacture, the properties of the materials used and their effects on the finished leather. We will not attempt the impossible task of giving you a book of recipes, or ready-made solutions to every problem you are likely to meet. We will instead attempt to equip you with the skills needed to apply the knowledge you gain to solve problems and provide support to develop your understanding.

Sustainability is embedded throughout the programmes in various modules. For example, supply chain sustainability is discussed in Raw Material & End Use in first year, Cleaner Leather Manufacture in second year, and Leather Manufacture & Sustainability in third year. Sustainability is not confined to the above modules and is contextualised in other modules where appropriate.

Please see our padlet to find useful information about the course, such as your module tutors, their email addresses, information on leather modules you will be taking plus various links.

All Course Tutors are more than willing to discuss any academic difficulties you may have. Should you have any questions regarding the course please do not hesitate in having an informal chat with me and or with the module leaders.

I hope you have an enjoyable and rewarding time during your studies.

Your Programme Leaders

Leather Technology BSc (Hons)

Anne Lama, Senior Lecturer in Leather
Dr Anne Lama

Senior Lecturer in Leather Technology


Certificate in Higher Education in Leather Technology

Marc GummerMarc Gummer, Senior Lecturer in Leather

Senior Lecturer in Leather Supply Chain Management

Welcome and Induction Session

To welcome you to studying Leather, we would like to invite you to join other new students to an online welcome and induction experience in the weeks leading up to the start of term. Your session can be found in the accordion below:


It is important we keep you safe during practical sessions. When you arrive, we will arrange a time where you will get to try on lab coats, boots, gloves, so that we can order the correct PPE size for you.

(Please note, an additional charge of £100 is payable towards PPE and raw materials).

Our Campus