International Tourism Development MA Welcome Pack

Welcome to MA International Tourism Development 2022.

Effective tourism management is essential for the future of destinations, communities and the travel and tourism industry. The term ‘over-tourism’ and its associated global impacts has highlighted a real and urgent need for managers who are capable of developing the tourism industry in a sustainable way.

Throughout your studies, you will gain the skills required to manage sustainable tourism activities, alongside the specialisms of strategic destination management, tourism futures, crisis and post-conflict tourism management, the strategic use of events for urban destination management, and you will be able to choose routes such as digital marketing or managing across cultures. The course draws upon a variety of case studies and projects, letting you explore the global scope of tourism, the policies and strategies associated with successful management, the role the industry plays in international development, and the stakeholders involved in its development. You will also learn about the micro-economic contribution of enterprise projects in supporting development and sustainability, in line with the University’s Changemaker ethos.

In addition, the course will prepare you for the practical, project-based, and customer focused characteristics of the tourism industry by encouraging you to engage with industry experts. You will gain higher-level knowledge, skills and capabilities to pursue a specialist career in a broad range of areas in the tourism industry across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Your Programmer Leader

Alan Lovell

Alan Lovell

Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management




Welcome and Induction Session

Before you start your MA International Tourism Development degree, we would like to invite you to a introductory online session where you will be able to meet your lecturers and have a chance to talk to other students who will also be commencing their course in September. Please check the below accordion for more information:


Key reading materials and core textbooks will be accessible online via module reading lists. These are free to access and use and will be available to you once you have enrolled. Your programme leader and module tutors will explain how they work once teaching begins.

Enhancing skills, building networks and engaging in the wider University community

There will be various opportunities to engage with our industry partner group during your studies, as well as the opportunity to engage in an embedded study trip.

These opportunities are not compulsory, but they will provide a great way to put your learning into practice, to learn from key players within the industry and develop your networking and employability prospects.

More information will be provided to you in due course via your programme leader.

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