International Relations MA Welcome Pack

Welcome to MA International Relations 2022.

The course has been taught for almost 20 years by the Politics and IR subject group offering a 1 year long course that covers a substantial range of contemporary, and more broadly post-2nd world war debates via modules on recent as well as traditional IR theories, on the status and power relations within ‘post-Soviet space; sub-Saharan Africa, American foreign policy, European/EU politics, China, as well as wide ranging reviews on the stability (or otherwise) of  international organisations.

Some modules are taught across 7, and others across 14 weeks for 3 hours per week.

Students are drawn from many parts of the world and as such, we aim to provide a structured and highly supportive environment for each one of you. You will have a named personal tutor as well as extensive opportunities to be in contact through every week with other tutors.

Your Programme Leader

Graham McBeath

Graham McBeath

Senior Lecturer in Politics




Welcome and Induction Sessions

We have arranged on-line meetings on the 5 and 16 September to meet with your programme leader and their colleagues and to help answer any questions and issues you wish to raise. Please see the accordions below for more details:

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