Fine Art Painting and Drawing BA Welcome Pack

Welcome to Fine Art Painting and Drawing BA 2022.

Hello to our new year 1 students,

We have prepared a series of exciting projects in year 1 designed to explore the seemingly limitless possibilities of painting and drawing which will increase the knowledge, options and choices open to you. In the first teaching week you are given your own studio spaces and will begin working alongside others equally excited by art. You will be amazed by how far and how quickly your own work and the work of others will progress over the course of your degree. The road of creativity is not always smooth but if a problem occurs no matter how small or how serious, remember you have a committed team of academic staff who will be there to help you.

We would like to invite you to join our online Q&A session for a brief meeting to answer any questions may have regarding the weeks ahead. Please can you send a courtesy email to both and prior to the enrolment week so that we can return course related information to you which will include the first year timetable. This is sent to you during the enrolment week period.

The first teaching session will take place on Monday 26 September, starting at 9.15am in the painting and drawing studios, Development Hub Building, room DH030. Staff will be on hand to welcome you at the building entrance.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr Michael Evans and Stefan Gant

Your Programme Leader

michael evans senior lecturer in paintingDr Michael Evans

Programme Leader BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting and Drawing and Senior Lecturer in Painting


Welcome and Induction Sessions

To welcome you to Fine Art Painting and Drawing, we will be holding a meet and greet webinar with a primary focus to providing an opportunity to ask any questions prior to starting the course. Formal induction sessions will be integrated into the teaching weeks ahead:


Materials List (Drawing)
  • White A1 cartridge paper (can be purchased from UON art shop, Waterside Campus)
  • Range of good quality drawing pencils: Brands include Faber and Castell, Derwent and Staedtler (2B – 9B)
  • Pencil Wrap (Derwent sold at UON art shop)
  • X2 Packs of Charcoal, various thicknesses Compressed charcoal
  • Black/ white chalk
  • Black ink
  • Mars Plastic Staedtler Rubber
  • Masking tape x2 Rolls
  • Fixative/hairspray (un-perfumed/ extra firm hold)
  • Sketchbook (A4 or square) Minimum of 3 for drawing module A1 portfolio
  • Craft Knife
  • Tool Box for materials (Essential)
  • Pen Stick (4-8GB) or external hard drive
  • Hammer
  • Combination lock (for tool box)
  • Combination lock (for studio locker)
Materials List (Painting)

Titanium white oil paints can be bought from our art shop at UON on arrival. In the first year, the course provides a range of colours listed below for initial workshops and briefs. Please bring what you already have (oil paint and painting kit) and a white or near white floor tile to use as a palette – Approximately 30cm x 30cm.

Daler Rowney, Georgian Oil Paint, introduced to students (UON art shop).

  • Vermilion (Hue)
  • Cadmium red
  • Cadmium red deep
  • Scarlet Lake
  • Alizarin crimson
  • Cadmium yellow hue
  • Cadmium yellow deep
  • Lemon yellow
  • Yellow ochre
  • Naples yellow
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Cerulean blue
  • Prussian blue
  • Viridian green
  • Sap green
  • Van dyke brown
  • Burnt sienna
  • Paynes grey
  • Titanium white

Please wait to speak to Michael Evans before purchasing:

  • Genuine Turpentine (Not turps substitute)
  • 100% gum turpentine 500ml
  • Purified Linseed Oil small
  • Low Odour White Spirit

Paint Brushes

  • Brand: Graduate / 3 sizes of flat brushes (UON art shop)

Other items

  • Glass jars with a lid.
  • Wear clothes that are older that you don’t mind getting paint on.
  • Bring in some rags (for turps and white spirit).

Enhancing skills, building networks and engaging in the wider University community

International study trips have included destinations such as Venice Biennale, New York, Berlin and Paris (international study trips are optional).

In addition, there may be study trips to London and exhibitions, such as the John Moores Painting Prize (Liverpool).

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